Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Final Cut Produtions offers High Definition video production services to clients in Brunswick Georgia, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Jesup Georgia, Atlanta Georgia, Jacksonville Florida, Athens Georgia & the Greater East Coast Area and throughout the United States. Our pre-production services include concept creation and script writing for all forms of video productions, on-camera and voiceover talent casting, location scouting, logo and graphic design services and hair & makeup artists when needed on-set of a production shoot. If you're looking to produce a website video, TV Commercial, marketing video, non-profit video or corporate video production in Georgia, contact Final Cut Produtions today!

Our general video production services include HD videography services for single-camera and multi-camera video productions. Final Cut Produtions has skilled and experienced videographers who take a creative approach to every video shoot. Our talented graphic artists excel at motion graphics. We have a full green screen video production setup as well as general in-studio video production options. When possible, we try to shoot our videos at the client location; giving us the best visual backdrop for a creative website video, TV Commercial, marketing video, non-profit video or corporate video production. If you'd like to learn more about creating your perfect video, contact us at Final Cut Produtions today!

Our post-production services include full video and audio editing capabilities at ourBrunswick Georgia-based video production office. We have a vast library of professional music tracks and an equally diverse voiceover talent for client video productions. Final Cut Productions also offers complete Standard DVD art & packaging creative services. We can create any type of video file needed. These include, but are not limited to, .WMV, .FLV and .MOV. We also offer courtesy YouTube page creation & video file upload to all of our video production clients. We are always happy to upload completed productions to any social networking websites you desire. If you're ready to produce a video for your product, service or event, Final Cut Produtions today!

Website Videos

Final Cut Productions offers website video production services to businesses throughout Coastal Georgia, the greater Atlanta region and throughout the United States. Webmercials are the most popular form of website video production. Think of it as a TV commercial for your website; without the cost of advertising. This creative video plays each time someone visits your website. It keeps your sales and marketing message current and consistently strong. Website testimonial video productions involve Final Cut Productions shooting and editing interviews with your customers or clients who rave about your product or service. Many website video productions include testimonial videos as part of the production. Take advantage of our HD videography, editing and graphics services to produce a dynamic video for your website.

TV Commercials

From concept creation and script writing to shooting and editing, Final Cut Productions combines your message with impactful video images to deliver an effective call-to-action via your tv commercial production. Final Cut Productions has created tv commercials for businesses in Coastal Georgia, the greater Atlanta region and throughout the United States. Take advantage of our script writing, HD videography, editing and motion graphics skills to produce your next great tv commercial. Final Cut Productions Company President Michael Heiser personally handles client ad creative concepts if requested. Let us save you money and give you more for your TV advertising dollar.

Corporate Productions

From Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations, Final Cut Productions prides itself in working with companies large and small to produce compelling corporate video productions. We have produced sales, marketing, training and unique corporate profile videos for use at conferences, annual meetings and galas and on the web. With your company image and budget in mind, we strive to create a dynamic corporate video production. Take advantage of our HD videography, editing and motion graphics talents and let our video production team create a dynamic corporate video for your company.


If you're looking to sell a product to the public, there's no more powerful medium than through an infomercial production.Final Cut Production provides script writing, HD videography, editing, motion graphics and 3D design for its client infomercial productions. From full 30-minute infomercial productions to shorter Direct Response TV productions, Final Cut Production creates powerful infomercial productions for its clients.


Non-Profit Video Production

We love Non-Profit Videos! Some of our most gratifying work has been producing marketing videos for charitable organizations. We get it. Your video MUST work as hard as your organization. Our videos become your most passionate messengers, working 24/7 to convert viewers into donors.

Final Cut Productions' team love producing videos that makes a difference. We have over 7 years of experience transforming the image in a camera’s viewfinder into an effective fundraising tool. What really matters is the essential humanitarian work of our clients. Work, which would be impossible, without fundraising dollars.

With thousands of charities competing for precious life-saving dollars, how does one organization stand out from the money hungry pack? Video.

Video. A collection of moving images and sounds that not only tell a story but transport the viewer into the story. Trying to reach the “show me-don’t tell me” generation without video is marketing failure.

Anyone can shoot video. It takes a team of seasoned production specialists to turn those moving images into images that move an organization closer to its fund-raising goals. How we help your non-profit reach its goals? Please contact us for some affordable ideas!

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