About Us


Our Experience

March 2005– Present

Offer comprehensive consultations to determine client short-term and long-term media needs.
Conceive and compile strategic marketing packages designed to address the ultimate
goals, i.e., television, social media, online presence, branding. Offer a wide range of
production products to include, but not limited to, video, television production, edits, and
web design.



National Programs:

Viewed in 128 million households.

EVP Tour
Water cross Racing

Media Placement & Filming:

Negotiate both national and international slots. Arrange for paid as well as
compromised trade slots.



Social Media:

Continuous research of current trends to maintain familiarization. Experienced in
facebook integration as well as twitter for businesses.

Event Production:
Both long and short-range productions.

Sponsorship coordination
Budgeting experience with focus on maximization of overall
product appearance



Web Design:

Hand designs no template usage
Shoot video to encourage longer consumer visibility
Addition of video accents
Search engine optimization

Online Video Stream:

Online integration of live streaming in website design